Why You Need A J&S Dental Lab Custom Night Guard

custom mouth guardIf you suffer from bruxism, you have probably been told that a custom mouth guard is your best option to alleviate the issues that come with clenching and grinding at night.

There have generally been two thoughts on this.

You can make your wallet cry by getting the dentist to take your teeth impression and send it to a dental lab.

Or you can ignore the dentists recommendation and purchase over the counter night guards that you need to heat up, bite down, and trim to fit. Over and over again because they never really last, do they?

There is a third option that you may not have heard about yet. That option is to skip the dentist and work directly with the dental lab. For a fraction of the cost you will get the same thing you would have gotten from the dentist.

J&S Dental Lab has created an impression kit that you can easily use and send back, to get your own custom made dental guard.

Link: http://amzn.to/2rovqSc

A look at the product

Through J&S Dental lab, you can order direct from a professional dental lab and receive the same quality custom night guard as you would from a dentist but for only a fraction of the cost. 

Everything about this guard is customizable including the thickness and the material used. Whether you want a soft or hard acrylic guard, or a thiner or thicker guard, J&S Dental lab can customize it just for you completely free of charge.

What you need to know

Once you order your mouth guard, you will receive an impression kit with 3 different sizes of mouth trays to choose from.

Custom teeth grinding mouth guardThe simple impression process can be performed at the comfort of your own home in about 5 minutes.

Simply follow the detailed instruction provided in your impression kit, and then send your impression back with the prepaid shipping label.

The Dental lab will create your custom mouth guard and send it to you in about 2-weeks.

How much

Through Amazon you can get a J&S Dental lab custom night guard for $119.99.

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  • Fully customizable mouth guard, choose from soft, semi-hard, to hard acrylic night guard; Thickness ranges from 0.04″ to 0.12″; Lasts up to 5 years depending on use and grinding habit and severity
  • FDA-approved, latex free, and BPA-free material Made in USA and Germany – One Year Free Replacement Policy
  • Latest technology and equipment to provide best comfort and fit, 20+ years dental lab
  • Superior fit and incredible durability compared to other over-the-counter boil guards that will cost you more in the long run
  • A fraction of the cost of dentist ordered mouth guards for the same quality


  • You’re going to have to wait. When purchased, you will be sent an impression kit that you need to send back. The dental guard arrives after the process is complete.
  • You need to reach out to the dental lab if you need more than one night guard
  • If you do the impression wrong you may get an ill fitting mouth guard

If you fell off the chair when you heard how much the dentist wanted to charge you for a mouth guard this is the best option for you.

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