Why I Think the Tempur-Pedic Eye Mask is the Best Eye Mask for Sleeping

tempur pedic sleep mask

There are many reports and studies coming up that blame light for peoples poor sleep. Research has demonstrated that nighttime light exposure suppresses the production of melatonin, the major hormone secreted by the pineal gland that controls sleep and wake cycles.

But I didn’t need a study to learn the negative effects of light on my sleep when I was working the night-shift. If you have ever had to sleep during the day you can attest to the struggle that a sun-lit room poses on your sleep.

My co-workers told me to cover my windows in foil or cardboard to block out the sun.

eye mask for sleepingBut the sun would always peek through and I would either lay awake staring at the small bar of light coming in, or I would spend hours of my sleep time trying to block every bit of light I could.

Not only was it a chore to make sure every bit of light was blocked, but it looked like crap. Plus, I wanted to have the option of opening my windows every once in a while.

This led me to finding a better solution. I was tired of coming home and seeing cardboard or foil on the windows. I started looking around for something that would block the light during the day, without being a nuisance to the rest of the house.

The only logical thing I could think of was a mask.

Of course there are those masks that you can get with a home spa kit. I tried, and was fully frustrated. The only thing those little masks do is push against your eyes in a very annoying way.

I finally found the Tempur-Pedic eye mask.


A Look at the Product

Two things make the perfect sleep mask: total darkness and a comfortable fit. The TEMPUR material in the Tempur-Pedic sleep mask takes care of both. Because it molds perfectly to your face, it delivers complete darkness. And because it’s made from TEMPUR material, it’s cool and comfortable.

What You Need to Know

Tempurpedic face maskThe Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask eliminates all light from your eyes and fits perfectly around your face for a better night’s sleep.

Because it’s built with patented TEMPUR foam material, this sleep mask conforms to the exact shape of your face to comfortably deliver complete darkness and uninterrupted rest.

The Tempur sleep mask is securely cushioned onto your eyelids with a back-of-the-head Velcro strap. Meanwhile, the foam material stays cool and never overheats

How Much

The Tempur-Pedic sleep mask is $44.60 at Amazon.

==> Sleep in total darkness here


  • Made of TEMPUR memory foam and covered in a soft material
  • Blocks out ALL light by conforming to your face
  • Elastic strap with velcro closure for the perfect fit
  • Provided eye cups allow you to open your eyes while the mask is in place


  • Can feel bulky to side sleepers
  • May be too hot for warm sleepers
  • Covers top of ears when in place

The Tempur-Pedic sleep mask is my number one choice for sleep masks. I have slept with one for 12+ years and will continue to wear it well into the future.

==> Get your Tempur-Pedic mask Here

I am currently on my 6th mask, the elastic wears out after a few years of use.