Reasons You’re Not Staying Asleep

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There are many reasons that you could be waking up in the middle of the night. There are a few things that you could try that may help you solve your sleeping issues.

The most common interruption is bathroom runs. This could be a medical issue, but it could also be the times you are drinking. If you are drinking a liter of water right before you go to sleep, it would be easy to fix that issue.

But, you are more than likely not doing that. You should try to limit the fluids you take in at least 2-hours before bed.

help sleeping at nightYou should also look at the kinds of drink you are taking in. Alcohol keeps your body from hitting the needed sleep stages through the night. So, you are going to wake up tired and groggy no matter how many hours you get.

Caffeine sticks with you much longer that you would think. Try to get your caffeine in before 2pm to allow your body time to process it. Cutting caffeine early will result in less tossing and turning, and you may actually shut your eyes sooner.

You could also approach your sleep problem in an other way. Through exercise. Do some strenuous exercise to tire yourself out. If you have been away from activity for a while, a quick 7-minute workout can be enough to tire your body out.

Another thing to try is a super strenuous bout of activity right before hitting the pillow. If you are going to do this, you need to really push yourself. If you do a nice easy workout you could run the risk of reenergizing yourself instead of wearing yourself out.

Finally there is the way you turn in for the night. Try to give yourself at least an hour where you are getting ready for bed. Change into some sleeping clothes, brush your teeth, read a book, sit peacefully. Find things that work for you.

During this hour avoid electronics, TV’s, computers, cell phones. These items are not going to wind you down. The light from these devices mimics light from the Sun and signals the brain to wake the body. You don’t want that.

Try these simple home remedies before you turn to sleeping aids. You don’t want to take a sleeping pill that you may rely on when limiting caffeine or a bout of exercise would have fixed it.

Now, if you are already up to speed with these techniques you may need more help. If you need more than a simple fix, check out this post on the 7 top sleeping aids.