Reasons You’re Not Falling Asleep

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Laying in bed is the worst when you are not sleeping. Staring at the ceiling or watching the clock cycle through the numbers, or sitting up to calm the turning in your stomach.

If this is you, there are a few things you can do to get a better nights sleep.

Stop sleeping through the weekend

One of the first things that we overlook when evaluating our sleep is how much our bodies crave routine. So on the weekend when you decide to sleep past your normal 6am alarm, you are messing with your bodies circadian rhythm.

If you want better sleep, you are going to have to make sacrifices. Like lazy weekends. It may be odd the first couple weekends, but you will see a change in your weekly sleep.

Choose your dinner wisely

I am sure you have laid in bed and thought:

“I should have skipped that last piece of pizza.”

Or, something very similar to that.

Fatty foods, like the bacon cheeseburger at the local burger joint, take a great amount of resources to digest. So, your body is trying to process that fatty goodness instead of winding down to rest.

High protein foods promote less of the amino acid which is a precursor to the calming hormone serotonin. This means that your body is going to produce less of the sleeping hormone while you are processing the foods.

And if you have any sort of acid reflux, I don’t need to tell you to keep clear of the spicy and acidic foods. Yeah I’m looking at you pepperoni pizza.

Now this is not to say avoid these foods forever (I couldn’t live if I could never have a good steak again). If you are going to eat these kinds of foods make sure you give your body enough time to process it. Don’t order the porterhouse at 10pm when you are set to sleep at 11pm.

Limit your caffeine

Caffeine is a pretty wild thing. I am not going to go on this rant about how you need to eliminate all sources of caffeine from your life. I know how helpful caffeine can be during a graveyard shift.

Caffeine has a half life. That means that the amount of caffeine left in your system is halved after processing. The normal processing time for caffeine is about 6 hours. So, 200mg of caffeine at 6am means there will still be 100mg of caffeine in your system at lunchtime. If that remains your only source of caffeine, you will have 50mg of caffeine at 6pm.

So, that means that you could be compounding the amount of caffeine in your system each day, and then we build a resistance to it. So, you require more and you keep jolting your system with caffeine and it never goes away (maybe a little rant).

Evaluate you bed conditions

Does fido kick you at night? Does your bed mate snore? Do you absolutely hate your stupid scratchy sheets, or that waste of money mattress?

It may be time for your dog to sleep in her own bed, or get a mattress to allow for kicking room, if that is out of the question.

The worst thing I did was sleep on a mattress that I hated for years because I spent a small fortune on it. Do yourself a favor and really test out that prospective mattress. Or, take advantage of that mattress companies 90-day warranty. If you’re hurting or tossing because of your mattress, change it.

Change the temperature

I never expected this, but the ideal sleeping temperature is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be difficult for some to hit, but get as close as you can.

The longer you put up with these issues the worse off you are going to be. Like with me, I dreaded laying in bed because my mattress was so uncomfortable. I had so much stress that getting to bed was nearly impossible. Once I got rid of that mess of springs and embroidered fluff I was able to get a better nights sleep.