why do i feel sleepy all the time

Are You Feeling Tired All the Time? 4 Tips to Get Better Sleep

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Are you feeling tired all the time?

You’er not alone, A study from 2015 found that 38% of Americans say that they’re poorly rested four or more days a week. The study says that people are just not getting enough sleep.

Is that true for you?

How much sleep do you get each night?

The recommended amount of sleep is 7-8 hours. If you are one of the few adults who actually allocate 7-8 hours of sleep time but you are still feeling tired all the time, there may be something more at play and you should talk with your doctor about getting a sleep study done.

But more than likely, there is something impacting your life that is stealing those precious sleep hours from you.

Here are a few things that you can do to help you get a better nights sleep, and banish that tired feeling once and for all.


1. Prioritise a Good Night’s Sleep

feeling tired all the time

We need sleep to function properly. If you are not allowing yourself to lay down for at least 7-hours and you are feeling tired, you need to schedule it into your day. Treat it like an important meeting, no flex on this one.

You may need to alter your  habits before you turn in for the day. The things you do before bed and the things you consume before bed can affect the depth of sleep you reach in the night.

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2. Reduce Stress

Stress is a big killer of good sleep, plus stress puts the hurt on us in many other facets of our lives. If you don’t have a way to combat stress, find one now. Typical stress management techniques include yoga, meditation, and deep breathing. You may need to alter you commitments, and learn to not over-commit.

3. Put Back What You Give Out

A good way to feel worn out and resentful is to give and give to everyone around you, but never stopping and giving to yourself. Start a self-care activity. Do something for yourself at least once a week. Get a massage, walk among the trees, join a painting or cooking class. Do something for you.

4. Eat Clean

i feel tired all the timeQuick meals on-the-go are great when you are in a rush, but they are not that great for your health. Pack healthy snacks like veggie sticks, fruits, or nuts. Do your best to reduce sugary and processed foods.

Hopefully these tips will help you from feeling tired all the time, and give you a better nights sleep.

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